LTE Roaming With 1 Mbit/s – They Must Be Joking…

This week, another network operator in Germany announced that they will start LTE data roaming on 1 August. For two reasons, however, the announcement is more than a little bit strange.

First, they are not only a year late to the game but they will only start with three foreign networks while their competition already have roaming agreements with several dozen networks around the globe. The second restriction is even weirder: LTE Roaming data speeds are limited to 1 Mbit/s and nobody knows what that is good for!? While my LTE data roaming speeds easily surpass 20 Mbit/s they want to limit their customers to 1/20 of that. No way this would work for me because I regularly use LTE data roaming for notebook tethering.

Hm, that makes me wonder if they are bundling a couple of old E-1 lines to connect to their roaming hub and are afraid of massive overload if customers want to use the technology as it was designed!? 😉 Sorry, an announcement like that needs to be ridiculed.

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