I Can’t Wait For GSM To Be Switched Off… Optus The Latest To Announce Such A Move

The last time I can remember when I was glad I had EDGE coverage was back in 2010 in Thailand. But these days are definitely gone now, with most 2G networks now being hopelessly overloaded in non-3G or 4G areas with the data traffic of all smartphones in the area and web content having become so big that even non-congested 2G networks would hardly be able to cope. After AT&T and Telenor, Optus as another big network operator has announced a GSM switch-off, 2017 in their case. Macau Telecom is perhaps the first network operator that has switched-off GSM already, but that's a fringe case.

I have to say, I more and more can't wait for GSM to be switched off, it is of little use anymore these days. And a nice benefit: Those who switch-off, at least in theory, make sure 3G and 4G coverage is available in areas where previously GSM was the only available network technology. Really, I can't wait, switch it off! And in the meantime, I'm happy I can switch it off on my side.

P.S.: O.k., yes, I know, some network operators have a lot of 2G M2M modules still out there…

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait For GSM To Be Switched Off… Optus The Latest To Announce Such A Move”

  1. Hi Martin,
    I hope to god 2G is not turned off in the UK. 3G sucks for coverage on most networks. I’m on Vodafone, I live 1 mile from the local town and 1/4 mile from the M1 – No 3G coverage. In Oxford and Bristol city centres the 3G coverage is very sparse. And O2 isn’t any better 🙁

  2. Hi Martin,

    I do not fully agree.

    In general I would say that you are right if you predict that GSM gets somehow replaced by faster technologies but reality today shows partly also different pictures.

    My experience is that if I’m in a somehow crowed area even with rather good 2G and 3G coverage, I often do not get any useful connection on UMTS/HSPA. When I manually switch down to GSM of course everything is pretty slow but at least I have a constant working user plane that is in these scenarios sufficient for me to retreive e.g. some news from my preferred internet pages or emails.



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