Why Don’t We Still Have A SIMPLE Smartphone Remote Help Function?

One thing I've been hoping for years now is for someone to come up with an easy to install remote smartphone help function to see and control the screen remotely. On the desktop VNC has existed in various flavors almost since the beginning of desktop GUIs. On all mobile operating systems, even on the open source Android, there is no good and simple solution. Yes, there are some solutions that have been started and abandoned again like the droid VNC server project but nothing that just works out of the box and across different devices and Android versions. I have to admit I'm a bit frustrated because I could use a remote help function at least once a week.

A couple of years ago I was extremely thankful to Google for bringing Wi-Fi tethering to the masses when it was still perceived as something "terrible" by most network operators. But for a remote screen implementation I personally can't count on Google because I'm sure that should they come up with such a thing they would put one of their servers between the smartphone and the helping hand. No thanks, I need something more direct, private and secure. But Android is open and I would accept something that requires a rooted phone and I can't but wonder why nobody has come up with a good, simple and interoperable solution so far!?

P.S. Cyanogen, hello!?

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