My Uploads Are Three Times Faster On LTE Than With VDSL At Home

It's a bit ironic but my uplink speed in LTE is three times higher when I'm sitting in a train comunting to work and being connected over LTE than what it would be when sitting at my desk at home and being connected over a 25 MBit/s down + 5 Mbit/s uplink VDSL line.

I just had that thought when I uploaded a 50 MB ZIP file to the cloud in a couple of seconds at around 15 Mbit/s which is, mind you, not the maximum LTE can provide on a 20 MHz bearer, but my uplink speed is limited. It's really time for a fiber link at my home in Germany like I already have in Paris. But unfortunately, German politics creates no incentives for network providers to catch up to more developed parts of the world… Quite the contrary, DSL vectoring is the future as far as the government and the local incumbent is concerned 🙁

3 thoughts on “My Uploads Are Three Times Faster On LTE Than With VDSL At Home”

  1. An off topic question:
    Is it mandatory to have a USIM inserted in order to search for LTE networks? My phone is LTE capable but the newly launched LTE networks don’t show up when I perform a network search.

  2. Hi, yes, wrong area…

    Interesting offer but it has two significant shortcomings:

    1) Only a measly 10 Mbit/s uplink. In Paris I get 50 Mbit/s in the Uplink and 250 Mbit/s in the downlink (measured, not theoretical) for 30 Euros a month.

    2) No public IPv4 address, I checked their FAQ. In other words, totally useless for my purposes (i.e. hosting servers at home). Yes, they have IPv6 but that’s still a challenge from mobile devices. Even if you have an IPv4v6 connection (at least one network operator in Germany offers that), most devices still don’t support it on the tethering interface and when roaming, IPv6 is disabled.

    Too many restrictions to be useful for me, I’m afraid…


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