32C3 – Congress Infrastructure Review And A Plea for GSM ARFCNs for 2016

Like ever year at the end of the Congress one of the last sessions is the Infrastructure Review. Here, the people who built the congress data network, the DECT network, the GSM network and the Seidenstra├če talk about the technology they used this year. It always interesting to hear how much data, calls and packets have been shuffled through the networks and how that compares to last year, how many people used the network, how many wireless devices were used, which networking equipment was used and so on and so on. For anyone interested in networks this talk is a must see and fun to watch not only because of the interesting numbers but also because the presentation contains a lot of hacker fun and sarcasm. This year was certainly no exception. The cut video of the session is not yet on the congress streaming server but the raw-uncut version can be found here in the meantime.

One important message I also want to repeat here: So far, the GSM network of the Congress used the 1800 MHz DECT/GSM guard band. This won't be possible in 2016 anymore as that part of the spectrum has been auctioned in 2015 so one of the network operators in Germany has to be kind enough to loan the Congress GSM network organizers a couple of ARFCNs for the week. So if you are working in spectrum planning at a network operator and think you can spare a couple of channels for a week at the Congress location please think about it and get in touch with the organizers. If you don't know how to do that, let me know, I'll be glad to help!