One German LTE Network Operator Now On-Air with 50 MHz

When it comes to investigative reporting in the telecommunication domain, German telecoms news website Teltarif certainly is at the forefront. Recently they noticed that the public network coverage maps of one of the network operators in Germany now show that in many cities, they have deployed LTE in three different frequency bands.

The three frequency bands currently used by network operators in Germany are band 20 (800 MHz), band 3 (1800 MHz) and band 7 (2600 MHz). In total that network operator thus has 10+20+20 MHz on air in big cities now. I’m impressed!

I had a quick look how their competition stacks up. The next best competitor has 10+20 MHz on air while the last one only features a meager 10 MHz carrier in the 800 MHz band.

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    1. Hi Dudi, yes indeed that is a great site and I actually use it a lot to translate EARFCNS to frequency bands!

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