Eduroam At Airports!

airport-wifiI’ve written a number of blog posts in the past on Eduroam, how to set it up in case you have access to the system and how cool it is to use it as secure Internet access at any supporting institution around the world without a login procedure. As I recently found out, Eduroam Wifi networks are not only deployed on University campuses but also train stations and airports!

When I recently went to Stockholm’s Arlanda airport I noticed that Eduroam was in the list of available Wifi networks. At first I thought it must be a joke but since my setup is secure I gave it a try. And to my surprise it worked and I easily got 10 Mbit/s down and 5 Mbit/s in the uplink in a busy airport terminal. How nice! And it seems Stockholm airport is not the only airport that has an Eduroam installation, Göteborg’s Landvetter airport also has an installation. A quick search on the web also revealed airports in Norway are supporting it!