Intel Discontinues Their 802.11ad Notebook Cards – The End Of WiGig?

As Anandtech says ‘in a surprise move’ Intel has announced last week that they will discontinue their 60 GHz WiGig + Wifi + Bluetooth cards. As they were pretty much the only ones selling WiGig connectivity options for notebooks so far I can’t help but wonder if this move has just spelled the end for moving to mmWave spectrum in the home and enterprise domain!?

Just the other day I’ve read another article I read somewhere tat touted that 5G is about to move to where Wifi has already gone. And now Intel buries it. Let’s hope 5G doesn’t follow that example as well. But even if it doesn’t, it just shows what kind of a rocky ride mmWave frequencies are and will also be for 5G. Massive MIMO, beam-forming, beam-sweeping and lots of other technology innovations are necessary to make it work. Compared to that, the move from 3G WCDMA to LTE OFDMA was childs play.

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