2 TB SSD Update At 320 Euros

I had to wait a long time for this but finally, finally, SSD prices have dropped again! Back in August 2017 I wrote a post that SSD prices had not fallen at all over the previous two years and that I was at the point of needing an upgrade from a 1 TB SSD to a 2 TB SSD. However, not at 600 euros a piece. Fortunately, Moore’s law has resumed and in 2018, SSD prices finally started to drop again. Now at the beginning of 2019, I could finally get a 2 TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD (2.5″ SATA) at my price limit of around 300 Euros. It cost 319 Euros to be exact. Prices of other manufacturers such as SanDisk and Crucial were down to around 250 – 270 euros. No more economizing and moving seldom used data to offline storage anymore for some time to come!