Another Book Review – We Are Legion, We Are Bob

And jumping right from the last science fiction book review to the next one. I could have gone for the sequel of ‘The Sleeping Giants’ but decided to do that later and go for something else first. My choice fell on “We Are Legion, We Are Bob” by Dennis E. Taylor.

The story promised to be exceptional: Rich geek gets run over by a car, his brain is frozen until medicine advances enough to wake him up again, which he indeed is in the future. But he’s no longer in a biological body. Instead, he now lives as a ‘replicant’ in a computer owned by the successor to what we know as the United States today. His new job: Be the brain of a new kind of self replicating spaceship. I’ve never read anything quite like it before and though I’m not sure whether this story is utopian or dystopian, it was hard to put this book down to get some sleep. Again, fully recommended as it’s a great mixture of action, fun and some serious thoughts behind it all!

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  1. Thanks, sounds very interesting! There seem to be sequels (or more parts to the „Bobiverse“ series): „For we are many“ and „All these worlds“

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