Book Review: For We Are Many

A couple of weeks ago I got away very impressed and entertained by ‘We are Bob‘, a crazy story about a programming whiz kid that gets run over by a car and waking up a hundred years into the future, not in his own body, but as a replicant in a sophisticated computer. He’s then pressed to become the brain of an ‘unmanned’ interstellar probe and leaves the solar system just before mankind is about to blow itself up. And that was just the beginning of the story. I very much enjoyed it so I couldn’t wait to read the second part of the trilogy by Dennis Taylor ‘For We Are Many’.

After having read another trilogy just before that significantly changed its theme through the series much to my dislike, I hoped Denis Taylor wouldn’t do the same thing. The second book had a bit of a rough beginning for me because it starts with the storyline I liked the least in the previous book. But I’m glad I didn’t stop right there and then because the book picks up speed very quickly and was an exciting read again as the Bob clones fly to ever more star systems to discover both good and bad stuff. Again, there’s somewhat of a cliffhanger at the end of the book, but there is closure enough to ensure overall satisfaction with the book while at the same time making sure part 3 gets on the reading list. Fully recommended if you are into science fiction with some interesting thoughts and twists around non-biological life and what that could potentially imply!