Book Review: All These Worlds

When I finished the second book of the Bobiverse trilogy by Dennis E. Taylor, I immediately jumped into ‘All These Worlds‘, the third and (so far) final part of this brilliant science fiction series. Short summary of what happened so far without too many spoilers: Geek brain gets frozen today, wakes up as replicant a hundred years later, explores the Galaxy and tries to save mankind with the help of his clones. The second book ended with the clear indication that in the third part, Bob and his ‘descendant’ clones would have to deal with ‘the Others’ and that a peaceful solution was probably not in the cards.

I was surprised that the book started by going in many different directions but did not focus on the problem with ‘the Others’ at all. Only after quite some time did the storytelling come back to the concentrated effort to save mankind and other sentiment species from ‘the Others’. This way, Dennis made sure that the third book does not only revolve around this topic and the storylines that started in the first and second book are continued and expanded. The final showdown only starts in the second part of the book and I very much liked the positive end and the Bobs thinking about what they want to do in the future. This of course opens the door to a sequel and frankly, I hope it arrives rather sooner than later. Absolutely brilliant science fiction, fully recommended!