I’ll Do A Live Jitsi Meet Install Session at ‘Hidden Service’ – The First DiVOC Event!

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Easter is coming and most of us will be staying at home this year. Sadly, that also means that Easterhegg, a ‘small’ German hacker event organized by the Chaos Computer Club Hamburg, has been canceled. But far from giving up, the organizers have decided to experiment how such an event could potentially be organized in cyber space.

So Easterhegg 2020 has become Hidden Service (hiding Easter eggs I suppose…), a DiVOC event, which stands for ‘Digital Verteiltes Online Chaos’. The official translation is ‘Digitally Distributed Online Chaos’ but maybe they should have translated it to ‘Distributed Virtual Online Chaos’ to match with the abbreviation. In any case, read it backwards, add a 19…

One thing that can be ported the virtual world easily are the talks of the conference. The C3VOC is working on this and I’m looking forward to see what they come up with in terms of speaker support. ‘Hidden Service’ is not ‘Congress’ (the yearly Chaos event with talks that are streamed live to thousands of live viewers), so streaming capacity should not be an issue. But speaker support, camera angles, mixing, live translation and subtitles will get a different spin in the virtual world.

Things that will be harder to virtualize that shape such events are things like getting away for a weekend, sitting together with your friends, talking to people about new ideas and to work on a project together while enjoying the Chaos around you. We shall see…

I’ve decided to contribute as well and offer a one hour self organized online session on how to install a Jitsi Meet server in a virtual machine in a data center to securely, confidentially and privately communicate with your friends. I’ve played around quite a bit with Jitsi Meet over the past couple of weeks and even managed to remotely instruct my 89 year old grandmother to install and start the Jitsi meet client on her Android tablet over the phone! If she can do it, any non-nerd can get the client running!

In case you are interested to join, I will run the session on Saturday, 11 April at 4 pm CET  (UTC+2) for approximately one hour (over a self hosted Jitsi instance of course). As this is a German event, the session will be in German. If that’s not your language and would like to join an English version, please leave a comment here. It’s going to be a bit of an experiment and I’m looking forward to finding out what is possible with this format!

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