Andy Weir’s New Book: ‘Project Hail Mary’

If a book is good and the story is engaging, I tend to read it over the course of a week or two. But every now and then there is a superb book that I just can’t put down, which then has a serious impact on my work/live balance and my day/night rhythm. Andy Weir’s latest book ‘Project Hail Mary’ definitely falls into the second category, and I was glad I stumbled over it while I was on vacation.

In case the author’s name doesn’t ring a bell, Andy Weir is the author of ‘The Martian‘, a book I stumbled over before they made a movie out of it. If you liked ‘The Martian’, don’t read reviews or try to find out anything about ‘Hail Mary’. Just get a copy, let yourself be sucked into another great science fiction story with lots of ‘science fact’, and read or listen to the reviews later. And in case that’s not practicable, the first 30 minutes of Leo Laporte’s recent interview with Andy is mostly spoiler free. This is how I actually came across the book in the first place, so thanks Leo for doing that!