No More Power Strip When Traveling

10 years ago, I had a little anecdote on this blog about taking a power strip with me when traveling, as the number of devices that needed to be charged kept growing and most of them required their own charger. I kept doing this for many many years, but I recently noticed, that the trend has reversed. The reason: USB-C.

Thanks to legislation, evolving technology and common sense finally setting in, pretty much all my devices can be charged over USB-C now. With my two 30W USB-C charges, which are tiny compared to he large and brick like chargers in the past, everything from the in-ear headset to the notebook can be charged. And even better, the notebook can serve as a charging hub. While one USB-C port can be used to connect the charger, the second USB-C port and another legacy USB port can be used simultaneously to forward a part of the energy to other devices. A very nice and convenient development!