Evolved EDGE – The New Kid On the Block

I couple of years ago I thought EDGE (Enhanced Data Rate for GSM evolution) would not have a big chance on the market with new technologies like 3G and later on HSDPA entering the market. An yet, EDGE has made it into many networks around the world. In some countries, 3G hasn’t made it beyond … Continue reading Evolved EDGE – The New Kid On the Block

TCP settings for HSDPA and ADSL

HSDPA, the 3.5G speed booster for UMTS networks is up and running in many neworks these days and data cards have been available for some time. Now, HSDPA phones have entered the market with Samsung’s SGH-ZV50 and Nokia in close pursuit with the N95. As an article in the latest C’T, a german computer magazine, … Continue reading TCP settings for HSDPA and ADSL

UWB Coming to a Mobile Phone Near You?

I like Bluetooth very much as it lets me connect my notebook with my mobile phone to access the Internet via 3G networks. I also like Bluetooth because I can quickly exchange small chunks of data between different devices. Current 3G technologies like HSDPA and EVDO, however, pretty much challenge the bandwidth Bluetooth offers today … Continue reading UWB Coming to a Mobile Phone Near You?

4G – The competitors

This blog entry is the fourth in a row about my thoughts on the current development of 4G wireless standards. You might want to take a look at the introduction before reading on. Previously, I’ve discussed why 4G networks are necessary and what to generally expect of 4G wireless networks. Three different standards are currently … Continue reading 4G – The competitors