Audible on S60 revisited

Back in January I expressed my frustration with the Audible player for S60 that would only download audio content over the air (via GPRS, UMTS, etc.) but would not play audio content that I’ve already downloaded to my PC and from there to the phone. Well, it looks like it was worth writing the blog entry because Bruno Santos kindly enough left me a message with a solution:

The audible player for Series 60 can only decode category 2 and 3 files but not the highest quality category 4 encoding with which (of course) I’ve downloaded all my audio files to the PC. After downloading one of my audio books again with category 3 encoding to the PC and then to the mobile phone, the audible player just asked once to connected to the Internet to verify that I have the rights to listen to the content. Since then no more costly connections to the Internet. The player works fine even if used over several hours at a time. Thanks very much Bruno, your tip will save me a lot of work (see blog entry from back in January).