S60 Phone Software Update Utility – List of Bug Fixes

By now you’ve probably seen on some other blogs that Nokia now offers a Phone Software Update program to let people update their S60 phones such as the 6630, 6680, N70 and others themselves. So I wondered what bugs an update of my N70 would fix. I came up with the following links which list the fixes done by each software version for a variety of phones:

The lists of bug fixes are quite extensive. Quite interesting, I never encountered 95% of them with my usage pattern. Unfortunately, the web sites do not mention where they’ve got the information from. I wished Nokia would officially post such lists.

4 thoughts on “S60 Phone Software Update Utility – List of Bug Fixes”

  1. Hi Martin,

    I tested the Software Update with an N80 with scandinavian language pack installed. I know N80 isn´t supported yet but still when I connected the phone it recognized the phone and said “New software available”.

    According to Nokia it shouldn´t be possible to install any additional languages with this software or change languagepack in it. However when my phone was flashed I was quite surprised when I didn´t have swedish or finnish in the phone anymore.

    For some reason the program downloaded and installed the baltic language pack with russian, german, latvia, lituania and english…..nice huh?!

  2. Well the interesting thing for me is to understand what inputs does the software program have? ie. what does it send Nokia’s site exactly? For instance I’m in the US but I have an asian/european N80 so what’s it going say for mine when I finally get this working?

  3. I have had a problem while i was trying to download the Phone Software Update Utility, it seems like the URL is incorrect. Please, could you check the URL and inform me if you have found out something. You could also send me the program ,if you have it, as a attachment.

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