Wind’s got EDGE in Northern Italy!

Agreed, the Lago di Garda is not really a remote area in Northern Italy. However, it is just remote enough that none of the four Italian operators (TIM, Vodafone, Wind and Tre (H3G)) does yet have UMTS coverage in the small village up in the mountains where we have chosen to spend the final week of our vacation. Two surprises though: TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) does not have EDGE coverage here. Very strange as they use EDGE in areas where their UMTS coverage is o.k.!? The positive surprise is WIND: I checked on the web and found no trace of this. Nevertheless, they’ve definitely got their network at the Lago di Garda equipped with EDGE. Great stuff, accessing the Internet is just smooth. Happy holidays 😉

2 thoughts on “Wind’s got EDGE in Northern Italy!”

  1. It is quite strange as TIM officially has a 100% coverage of EDGE in Italy. And in my experience in the last two years this is true.
    Maybe this is due to broken equipment or crowded tourist locations.

  2. Ciao Fabio,
    I checked the local TIM cell again this morning and to my surprise the EGPRS indicator is now active again. Very strange. So I stricked through the sentence in the text above and will keep an eye on this. Thanks for the note!

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