Podcast: Wireless Operator Landscape in Finland

This is the third podcast in my series about how wireless operators in different countries around the world offer the wireless Internet to their users. This time I am focusing on Finland, or Nokialand as some people call it, with Nicolas Fogelhom, whom I guess many of you know from his blog about-nokia.com.

From the podcast:

  • The N70 radio is his number one application
  • Camera and mobile phone browsers as driver for the mobile Internet
  • Mobile network operators in Finland: TeliaSonera, DNA and Elisa
  • Unlimited volume data plans, limited bandwidth from Elisa. For those of you speaking Finish, take a look here for further information.
  • Competition on the Finish wireless market.
  • GSM/UMTS coverage in Finland. Also take a look here for GSMA coverage maps.
  • Percentage of UMTS phones and current phone subsidies.

The Podcast, 20min, MP3, 14MB

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