A Day In The Life Of A Connected Traveler

The recent Nokia World had a couple of very interesting keynote speeches which Jyri Engeström has summarized very nicely on his blog. Videos of the keynotes can be found here and the Nokia World blog can be found here.

Nokia’s Anssi Vanjoki has always interesting stories to tell. Some might think he’s talking about tomorrow when describing mobile usage scenarios. But in fact, it’s all possible today. Take my day as an example:

I got up, updated my private eMails on my N93 over Wifi at home, downloaded some podcasts to the phone to have something to listen to while on the way to the airport in the afternoon, side loaded some mobile transcoded TV shows I like from the PC to the phone to additionally have something to watch. Finally before leaving the house I updated my weather forecast widget and my blog roll on the phone over Wifi and my DSL line. On the way I "consumed" most of the content while sitting in a train and also jumped right into very interesting articles in my blogroll while listening to some music from my collection on the phone. Every now and then, I followed a link in one of the blog entries with the phones web browser over the 3G network to get some background information on a topic. While waiting at the airport I also checked some news web sites to see what’s going on outside the cyber space. After so much consumption it’s good to be a bit productive as well and so I answered some of those eMails which have accumulated over the week. A foldable keyboard for quick typing is a real helper for this. Arriving in Paris I checked my eMails again over the wireless network while sitting in the suburban train and arriving at my destination I downloaded the latest news videocast of my favourite TV station over Wifi to the phone to watch the news while having dinner.

And then there’s the new bed I ordered online at Ikea tonight. But I have to admit that I didn’t do that on the phone but used the PC for a change…

P.S.: And yes, I made two phone calls with the phone multimedia computer while traveling. When arriving at my destination in Paris I used a dedicated wireless VoIP SIP phone to call back to Germany. The N93 has a SIP stack but as of yet no SIP client that makes use of it. Hello Nokia, here’s your chance to complete my experience.