Nokia Podcasting Application: My Favourite Feeds

One of the many new things I relish about the Nokia N93 is that it let’s me download podcasts with the podcast catcher application directly to the phone via Wifi. Previously I had to download podcasts to the PC first and then had to sideload them to the phone either via the USB cable or by putting the phone’s memory card into the card reader on my PC.

Things are much simpler now: New podcast feeds can be discovered in the application via the search function, no PC needed. Should you stumble over a good podcast feed on the PC, you can also type in the feed’s URL in the unlikely case the search on the phone doesn’t find it. With a push of a button the application updates all bookmarked feeds and new podcasts can be selected and downloaded afterwards. I’ve got a 1 MBit/s DSL line at home and I was quite astonished that the phone is easily able to fully use the bandwidth.

While I’ve set applications like the web browser to always ask which network connection to use, I’ve set the podcast catcher to always use the Wireless LAN connection without asking. Downloading a 50 MB video podcast via 3G is of course possible, but somewhat expensive.

Here is my current list of podcasts I’ve subscribed to:

Know of similar ones? Please let me know!

P.S.: Steven Stewart, product manager for the application recently gave an
interview to Phil of the Voice of S60. Here’s the link to the
podcast. Very insightful.

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