Broadening the Scope

MtrendsI’ve been writing on this blog for quite some time now mostly on wireless technical topics and I am enjoying every post. For me, this blog has become an extended notebook that helps me to focus and explore new ideas and topics. There are two reasons for this musing on the reasons why I run this blog:

Firstly, this is my 200th blog entry and ideas are coming faster than I can often write them down. I am very much looking forward to the next 200 entries :-). Secondly, Rudy de Waele has asked me if I wanted to broaden my blogging activities and join forces with him and Yasmine Abbas at m-trends. As we are looking at similar topics all from a different angle, working together could create an interesting combination and open new horizons.

I very much like the idea and I am looking forward not only to your comments to future thoughts here at mobilesociety but also over at m-trends. Off we go, here’s my first article abut the four axis of wireless success.