There Are Those Operators Living In Denial and Those Embracing Their Customers

I’d like to finish my day with a positive story so here we go: In Austria, there are quite a few mobile operators embracing their customers instead of keeping them from using the mobile Internet with unaffordable or even non existent rates. Today, ONE has announced the launch of H.U.I (which would translate into "wow" in English) which stands for "Höllenschnelles Ultra-einfaches Internet" ("devilishly fast ultra simple Internet").

H.U.I comes in three packages: 250 MB a month for 10 euros, 1 GB for 20 euros or 20 GB for 50 euros. The HSDPA PCMCIA card or USB modem is free for the 1GB and 20 GB offer and 99 euros for the smallest package with a 24 month contract. No activation charge, no additional fees, no additional voice package required, no additional taxes. Once the included data volume is exceeded, the maximum speed is reduced to 56 kbit/s. Great, so no more accidental charges when overstepping an invisible boundary. In case the boundary is hit, customers can pay 5 euros to move the boundary by the amount of the initial offer. If the users oversteps the 1 GB boundary for example, 5 euros unlock another gigabyte. Very good! Takes the fear out of the equation.

I don’t really know what else to say, the offer speaks for itself. Wow!

2 thoughts on “There Are Those Operators Living In Denial and Those Embracing Their Customers”

  1. I agree that these unlimited data packages are going to be all the rage. I’m in the States, and several years ago I got on Cingular’s unlimited data plan, plus 1500 SMS and 200 MMS for $20 USD. It’s well worth it, and I can’t wait till all the carriers do away with the bucket data plans and just go straight out unlimited.

  2. There’s also talk about ‘3’ launching the X-Series in Austria as well. Indeed a good country for the mobile Web 🙂

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