The Merits of Blogging and Book Writing

One of the great things about blogging and book writing is to make the acquaintance of inspired people working on wireless and other hot topics. Due to recent events, let me introduce you to two of them:

Right in time for the release of Windows Vista, "The Unofficial Guide to Windows Vista" co-written by Stuart Mudie, a friend of mine, has hit the book stores. Very well done Stuart, looking forward to buying a copy at the Wiley booth at the 3GSMWorldCongress in Barcelona. Once I am in Paris, I’ll come by to get a dedication!

And while I am already at it, take a look at Gabe Frost’s new blog about Windows Vista. Gabe, working with Microsoft has already written a lot of interesting articles on Vista’s wireless capabilities on the official Microsoft blog which have greatly helped me greatly in my own research. Now it looks like he thought it was time to additionally start a personal blog to discuss his own view on Vista. A treasure chest of tips and tricks around Vista.

Great stuff guys, hope to see you again soon somewhere!