5 Things

I am sitting in a train right now with some time to spare to write five things about me now that it’s been kindly requested by three people. So here we go:

1. I used a mobile phone for the first time in 1996 (wow, only eleven years ago) while I was living in Los Angeles. At the time I was working for a small computer company. Every now and then I had to go to clients to install some software and hardware. To keep in touch with the ‘mother ship’ I was given a mobile phone. It was already quite small but still one of those analogue cellular phones already long forgotten today. I was amazed at the time but as these things were still quite expensive and I was still a student I didn’t see the immediate benefit for my personal life. I hardly had enough money to buy food and keep the car running (indispensable in L.A.)

2. People in my previous company back in 2000 speculated if I quit my job and went to a new company because I was tired of being ridiculed for having more than one mobile phone lying on my desk (see the radical change from 1996…?). While quite normal today, 6 years ago a mobile phone was still a novelty and having two almost bordered insanity. 

3. Italy and nordic countries hold a special attraction for me. Italy because I like the people, I like the language, the food, the cafe and Don Camillo and Peppone. Not sure what fascinates me about nordic countries, but when I hear Stockholm or Helsinki I feel a desire to go on an adventure immediately. Quite strange as it is quite cold and dark there in winter, two things I don’t really like at all. So where does the attraction come from? No idea, really.

4. I like Opera very much and take every opportunity to go. I already reserved tickets for Don Carlos at the Liceu in Barcelona, where I will be for the upcoming 3GSMWorldCongress. A perfect combination of technology and culture during that week.

5. I’d like to work for the multimedia division of Nokia or S60 one day. In my opinion they are working on the best products for my very mobile lifestyle and working and contributing my ideas to these products should be a lot of fun.

At this point I should name another five people for their turn to tell five things about them. However, most people in my bloggroll have already done so. So  instead I recommend to read Tommi’s five things on his S60 blog, they are truly the strangest and craziest ones I have read so far!

Oh yes, and just as Tommi, ‘I demand my cup full’ as well 😉