Mobile Roaming Strategies Conference in Barcelona, Spain

Next week, Barcelona will see a small but maybe quite influential conference on Mobile Roaming Strategies. From the 16th to the 19th of April, operators from around the world will discuss everything about GSM and UMTS voice and data roaming. Topics from the home page of the event:

  • "Develop innovative strategies to recoup lost roaming revenues due to regulatory pressures". My comment: Gee, there is a lot of explosive potential in that one…
  • "Build attractive voice and data pricing models which encourage roaming mobile usage". My comment: Hello, I can see the word ‘data’ in that sentence! Good!
  • "Focus on your VAS strategy to reduce roaming revenue leakage and increase usage". My comment: I wonder what ‘roaming revenue leakage‘ is. Anyone?
  • "Examining techniques to Increase take-up of roaming data services". My comment: Tip: Affordable prices would help tremendously. No need for discussion, just do it! Vodafone Germany has gone ahead and done a positive step with their WebSessions roaming offer. Let’s have some competition here!

It’s not only operators giving presentations, however. It looks like Stephen Banable, working for the Information Society and Media DG of the EU Comission will hold a presentation as well. Into the lion’s den Stepehen…

I’d really like to see the presentation material distributed at this event, especially for the first and second bullet points above. Anybody reporting from this event?

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