Italy, Mobile-TV and Football

DVB-H has been introduced in Italy already last year and it looks like it’s catching on. Now offered by Three and TIM, Italy not only seems to be the land where you can see people making video calls, it also seems to be the land of people that are watching TV on the go. It might have something to do with football as both people I observed, one on Saturday and one today, where watching a football game. While one of them was a hotel employee using his break outside to peek at a game, the other might have been an office worker waiting at the bus stop in Rome. People watching mobile TV are unmistakable because the mobile TV phones currently offered in Italy are mostly by Samsung, have a screen that can be rotated by 90 degrees and have a nice little extractable DVB-H antenna. Hm, maybe I should give it a try while I am here…

2 thoughts on “Italy, Mobile-TV and Football”

  1. There are really a lot of interesting things to note while looking at dvb-h usage in Italy.

    Have to say that I havce privileged point of observation being part of one of the companies you talk about (3).

    Anyway I can tell you that we were very surprised to look at how people were using their mobile TV.

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