List of Countries With UMTS Prepaid Internet Access

In the past few months the list of countries in which mobile access to the Internet is now available via UMTS/HSDPA networks with prepaid pay-as-you-go SIM cards has grown considerable and I’ve been reporting about it quite a bit. Time for an overview with links to the corresponding blog entries:


  • AldiTalk (0.23 euros per MB)
  • Vodafone (WebSessions: 1.95 euros / 15 min, 9.95 euros / 2h and 14.95 euros / 24h)


  • TIM (volume bases, 500 MB / 30 days for 20 Euros)
  • Wind (volume based, 1 GB / 30 days for 20 Euros)
  • Vodafone (time based, 1.5 euros per 15 minutes)


  • Yoigo (capped at € 1.20 a day)


  • Drei (0.8 euros per MB)


Reports from people commenting:


  • Plusgsm (Simdata (Plus GSM): prepaid, 0.03PLN/100KB = 0.30 PLN/MB = 0.08 EUR/MB.)



And for those countries in which Prepaid Internet Access via UMTS networks is not yet available, the German Vodafone WebSession offer with a German Vodafone prepaid SIM might help.

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  1. From unofficial Yoigo Blog: Yoigo Internet access is not capped, you can use all service, without limits for email, blogging, messeger, web pages…

    No MB limit and no nº conecctions limit, by 1,2 max. day.

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