The Mobile Internet In Spain With A Yoigo Prepaid SIM

Looks like new entrant Yoigo (TeliaSonera) in the Spanish wireless market wants to shake things up a bit by offering competitive prices for phone calls and GPRS/UMTS web browsing via their prepaid SIM card. Dennis over at Wap Review reports about his experiences while on vacation.

Price per megabyte is €1.20. Not the cheapest prepaid data offer I have seen so far except for the interesting twist described below. but it will do for many purposes. Denis also lists the required settings to access the Internet with the SIM. Unfortunately he doesn’t mention if all traffic has to go via the WAP 2.0 Proxy or if other services such as POP3 and SMTP for eMail also work. As they cap their daily price at €1.20 for data and they refer in their offer to ‘navigating’ I kind of doubt it. If someone has more info, please let me know.

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  1. I believe that the port 8080 proxy is required. I tried setting up a connection on Yoigo without the proxy and none of the apps on my phone could connect to anything.

    Email may still work though the proxy though, US T-Mobile used to require a proxy and that proxy passed the common SMTP and POP3 ports both secure and insecure.

  2. Hi,

    I´m Julio, from Spain, I use my Yoigo net connection and it works perfectly, you only have to configure the MTU settings and everything works.

    Greetings from “Vidas en red” blog.

    (*) Excuse my poor English, I should have put more attenction at my English classes.

  3. Hello, I’m also from Spain, and I’m a client of Yoigo. There is an error in your post, 1.20€ is not the price per MB, that price is the upper price you must pay for a day.

    If you connect one day you pay 1.20 € an you can connect to the Internet without limits. If te nexts day you don’t connect, you don’t pay, simply, you pay when you connect.

    This is also explain very well in the Denni’s post that you link.

    Greetings 😉

  4. Hello Neobius,

    thanks for your comment. I mentioned the cap of €1.20 in the original post. However, I decided to slightly rephrase it to make it more obvious.


  5. I’ve been talking some more to Juan-Carlos of and he told me that:

    – direct access to the internet is possible with the offer
    – no port blocking
    – Yoigo allows using the offer for connecting a notebook

  6. Actually, I found that the incumbent’s (Movistar) prepaid charges are cheaper: 3 Euros per 10 MB as of August 2007.
    I agree, too expensive anyway.

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