The Nokia N73 Is A Rising Star

Wherever I go these days I see people with Nokia N-73 phones walking around. Incredible for a phone that has just been available for a couple of months. I think there are even more people now with an N-73 than with an N-70 which I think has been announced by Nokia as their so far most successful smartphone. Take a look at the Flickr statistics for picture uploads from Nokia phones. The curve for the N-73 shoots up like a rocket and has surpassed all Nokia’s by far already. A comparison of picture uploads between different brands would be interesting. Anyone aware of such a statistic?

2 thoughts on “The Nokia N73 Is A Rising Star”

  1. Hi Martin,

    Go up one directory and you get this:

    is that what you are looking for?

    They list Sony Ericsson, Motorola for sure.

    I think the reason for Nokia popularity with the Flickr users is the drive Nokia made to bundle a Flickr uploader application onto the “multimedia” phones.

    This made is easier for people to point, shoot, upload.


  2. Hello Bernard,

    good link. Looks like there is a fierce battle going on for first place between Nokia and Sony-Ericsson. Will be interesting to watch over time.


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