Who’s On Air At 1900 MHz in Boston For A EU Mobile?

I am back in the U.S. after 8 or 9 years of absence, reflecting my first impression over pancakes at Denny’s. Glad to see that since my absence GSM networks have sprung up here as well and my triband phones pick up both Cingular and T-Mobile U.S. just fine.

My German T-Mobile prepaid SIM card works just fine for both incoming and outgoing calls and even GPRS (no comment on costs though…). T-Mobile’s network around Boston has EDGE activated but since the cost for my roaming SIM card is prohibitive I rather not make any speed tests. Strange that Cingular still runs on GPRS, no EDGE in sight here.

My E-Plus (KPN) prepaid SIM card is also able to attach to both the T-Mobile and Cingular networks and incoming calls work fine. No GPRS though and outgoing calls are blocked. I already knew from their Web site but I would have liked to be positively surprised.

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