More Uses For Curbside VDSL cabinets

A couple of days ago I have rumbled a bit on the big street side cabinets that need to be put into place for VDSL every couple of hundred meters. Recently I have received an interesting eMail from one of you saying that they might just be perfect to put Wifi hotspots inside. Hm, what an interesting idea! At the size of those cabinets there should be some space left for a little access point. And backhaul is definitely not a problem with those fiber cables in the ground.

Well, why not put an HSDPA or, later on, an LTE microcell into these cabinets to increase cellular capacity in high traffic areas!? Again, no backhaul and power problem, as both are available in the cabinet. As microcells only use little transmit power and only cover small areas a little omni-directional antenna discretely put on a nearby pole or wall will do. Interesting possibilites for converged fixed/wireless network operators of the future!