The Prepaid Wireless Internet Wiki is Evolving

As many of you know I am a frequent traveler in Europe and finding ways to stay connected while on the move has become sort of a passion. 2007 was definitely the year when prepaid SIM cards for accessing the Internet via GSM and UMTS networks became fashionable. At some point there were so many offers out there that it was difficult to keep track. So I started the Prepaid Wireless Internet Access Wiki to put down my knowledge and to invite others to do the same.

It has worked very well, the Wiki has been growing ever since. I even found some hot tips myself: France, not really on the afterburner in the mobile domain now has two prepaid Internet access offers and I am using one of them on a daily basis when I am in the country. And in Germany, my AldiTalk SIM card has been replaced by a Congstar SIM as the network operator makes all the difference. This is the power of the web! Sharing information and getting good tips for it in return. Thanks to all of you who keep the Wiki updated. Looking forward to the next tip!

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