Mobile Browsers Should Include Transcoder Selection

I get a lot of web links lately on my mobile phone either in web pages, Twitter, Jaiku or via eMail. Sometimes I would like to take a look at these pages right away on the mobile instead of with a computer later-on. What usually keeps me from doing that is that the links point to full web pages which often overload my mobile web browser. Some people are nice and send their links via esyURL, which detects if the link is accessed from a mobile browser and then transcodes the page accordingly. But that’s the exception rather than the norm. So what I would need is a way to control it myself. Mobile browsers could offer a menu when clicking on a link with a special button (thing right mouse button on a PC) with a list of transcoders such as Mowser, Google and Mippin that return a mobile friendly version of the page behind the link.

Not difficult to do at all. Who will be the first one?

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