3GSM / MWC : HP integrates Gobi Chipset for Worldwide Roaming

I am an international traveler so Internet access anytime anywhere no matter where I am is of grate importance to me. I am glad to see that there are now chipset solutions on the market which integrate CDMA and UMTS in a single chip for notebooks. I’ve spoken to Regine Pohl of HP during the congress about this as HP has integrated Qualcomm’s Gobi platform in some of their business notebooks. For HP the advantage is that they can use the same chipset for all their notebooks worldwide while the user benefits from global seamless access no matter of the network technology. The chipset, however, is only one part of the equation, roaming agreements and affordable roaming tarrifs another. To this end, Regine said that HP is in contact with mobile operators to not only offer notebooks to their customers but also customized global access solutions. I am looking forward to this initiative to bear fruits.