3GSM / MWC : Ovi Share

Ovi’s going to be a lot of things for Nokia in the future. During the congress, I’ve been looking at Ovi Share, one of the first Ovi applications, to see what the difference is to using Shozu to upload to Flickr, YouTube, etc. What Ovi does is to combine all of those services as it let’s you upload all kinds of content from pictures, videos to PDF files to Ovi to share with others. The S60 Ovi client syncs with the portal and knows the groups that have previsously been created to share content with predefined user groups or the public. Also, the client can grab recent uploads of friends and show thumbnails of their new pictures, etc. right on the phone. Very nice integration into the S60 platform. I was also quite impressed with the AJAX implementation on the desktop. Very smooth user interface to view pictures and videos and add information to uploaded material. Forwading content to other people via eMail and the like is also possible. If the Ovi Share client runs on my N93 I’ll create an account once I am back home. Could become my new content home.

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  1. Martin,

    Although I no longer work in mobile comms having moved to concentrate on European satnav, I’m following your Barcelona blog with interest. Keep up the great work!

  2. Nokia is an interesting case study:
    * Leading cellphone and Smartphone supplier
    * Siemens Networks and other M&A in business services and consulting.
    * Reorganization with the mid-long term goal of becoming a services based company, a major shift from their current phone and infrastructure business.

    The cell phone industry is being restructured from its restrictive business structure and is helping create the converged data communications, computing, entertainment personal broadband and professional & specialized applications.

    This all rides, of course, on a revolution or series of enabling revolutions in technology.

    Finally many very long term hypothesis, such as digital universal communications, will finally push closer to happening.

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