Carlo Longino Starts Blogging For Nortel

Carlo Longino, probably known by many from his musings at Mobhappy, has recently started blogging for Nortel on the Hyperconnectivity blog. His topics are WiMAX and 40G optical. I just stumbled over it by accident and quite like what I have seen. Seems like a good move from Nortel to find some bloggers from outside the company to push their ideas in addition to blogs such as those from Nortel’s CTO John Roese and Phil Edholm.

Interesting also to see and to compare the approaches of different companies. Nokia’s S60, for example, is also doing lots of different blogs to reach out. Their approach is not from the top level or from the outside but from the people actually working on the products.

If you have recommendations of good blogs from people of other wireless companies please leave a comment.