Opera Mini Statistics

Interesting numbers I’ve been given during the MWC in Barcelona last week: To date, the Opera Mini browser for mobile phones has been download 35 million times. Currently, the browser is downloaded 100.000 times a day! According to Opera, their Transcoding Servers for Opera Mini serves about 1.5 billion pages a month. They estimate that the total traffic going to their servers represents around 25% of the total Internet traffic of Norway, the home country of opera. Despite Norway only being a small country it says a lot about the quick evolution of accessing the web from mobile devices.

3 thoughts on “Opera Mini Statistics”

  1. And they need to get more servers out to transcode the web because it’s been slow during some parts of the say.

    What interesting business models can they come up with by selling their software which transcodes the web … now there is something I wish I remembered to ask the CEO when meeting with him at MWC.

  2. Amazing numbers. But on my mobile web site I see as a rule iPhone and iPod touch users. And I have not found any independent statistics or comparisons of internet usage of mobile devices which include Opera Mini. Are there any?

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