Online with an AT&T Prepaid SIM

Att sim
I've arrived in Florida and since I will stay for a couple of days I went to the AT&T store around the corner to get a prepaid SIM for mobile Internet access. Good timing on AT&T's side since they introduced an unlimited mobile Internet access package for $19.99 per month just a couple of weeks ago.

The process of getting a SIM only took a couple of minutes, they didn't even want to see an ID. Interesting, others report an ID and a social security number are necessary. Maybe an individual state/store decision. Anyway, activating the Unlimited MediaNet Internet access package also only takes a couple of minutes and the details can be found here.

I checked web browsing via OperaMini, eMail (POP3/SMTP), Shozu and A-GPS, all work well with my N95-2. Some sources report notebook access via the phone is possible, too, but I haven't tried that yet. A more detailed report will follow 🙂

What a difference to my trip last year where I had to hop from Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi hotspot to stay connected.