Putting The Hotel TFT To Good Use

Hotel tft
Since I travel a lot, I often stay in hotels. One thing in hotel rooms I could live without is the TV set, as I never have the desire nor the time to watch anything anyway. In recent years, however, I've noticed that good old cathode ray tube TV's are giving way to TFT TV's. Last week I took a closer look and noticed that these TV's usually also have a VGA or DVI input. Excellent, now I can finally put them into good use and connect them to my notebook as a second screen. All that is needed is a VGA or DVI cable, which I will take with me from now on. The picture on the left shows how my typical hotel setup looks like. Screen 1, screen 2 and a 3.5G HSPA modem for Internet connectivity. Almost as good as at home 🙂