Vikuiti: To Be Seen Or Not To Be Seen

3G networks offering me mobile Internet access at most places I go has definitely changed the way I work and where I work. Yet, there is also one big disadvantage: In some places people next to me can look at the screen of my notebook and see what is sometimes is not really for their eyes. Privacy is definitely an issue sometimes. A couple of weeks go, I thus bought a Vikuiti display filter from 3M that restricts the viewing angle. Since then, nobody is looking anymore and I get questions like “is your notebook turned on”? Very nice 🙂 The picture on the left proves my point. More resources:

  • Here’s a video of how it works on YouTube. Thanks 3M, not cheap, but very usueful.
  • And here’s a link to a recent 3GPP meeting with an interesting picture on the right. You can see who’s using a filter and who is not 🙂

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