Why They Should Cover This Office Building?

There is this new office quarter in a Paris suburb to which I go every now and then. 2G and 3G coverage is o.k. while being on the street but as soon as I enter one of the office buildings, signal levels of all networks drop like a stone in the water and in many meeting rooms I have little or now network coverage. Which network I receive depends on the part of the building I am in.

Well, this quarter is not so new anymore, operators had more than two years now to improve the situation. I am really puzzled why they haven’t done so!? There are tens of thousands of people working there and many must feel disappointed by the wireless network coverage they have at their desk. I guess many have in the meantime made the decision for which operator to go on their private phones depending on which network they can receive at their desk. And always living in fear of having to move to a new desk…

A bizzare situation. So listen up, dear network carriers, a lot of potential new clients are just waiting for that new antenna that gives them better coverage in the building they spend the major part of their time. A strong argument you don’t have to work very hard for next time that contract runs out… And if that is not enough, think of all the additional SMS messages, eMails and phone calls these people will use their mobile phones for once they can do so.

3 thoughts on “Why They Should Cover This Office Building?”

  1. Sprint has just launched a femtocell product in US, charging the user for filling the gap in their network coverage. I was wondering if this kind of equipment would come to Europe, where the mobile network coverage is said to be better.

    As lambda user, I don’t see general public investing in this. Maybe the companies’ market could be interested?


  2. Hi Martin,

    A few picocells should take care of this… If you can let me know where this is located more precisely, I’ll be happy to see what we can do.

    Best regards,


  3. interesting points about pico and femto. low power RF for coverage and capacity will grow and data demand grows and as higher RF frequencies are used.

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