Opera Mini on Entry Level Devices

Today, a friend showed me Opera Mini on his new 'Nokia 3110 Evolve', an entry level phone with supposedly a slow processor (compared to Nseries phones) and a screen resolution of 'only' 128×160 pixels. Since he's using OperaMini it was a good opportunity for me to find out how practicable web browsing is on this phone compared to higher end phones. After upgrading from the default OperaMini 2 to OperaMini 4, the browing behavior is the same as on my N95 including the overview mode and zoom in functionality. Concerning browsing speed and scrolling through the page I didn't notice any uncomfortable delay after pressing a button. Even scrolling quickly through a long page is very quick as well. I didn't quite expect such a smooth behavior. Great stuff, kudos to both Nokia and OperaMini!

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