The Nokia 6300i and VoIP over Wifi

Back in April this year, Nokia announced the 6300i that comes with Wifi and VoIP (but no 3G support). At the time, it was not quite certain from the press release what kind of VoIP the phone would offer. Now that the mobile is available, the user guide gives further details on page 30. The word SIP is never used but based on the configuration information, it certainly looks like SIP like on the Nseries phones and not like UMA. For UMA, the 6300i seems to have a brother, the 6301. Together with Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) update capability, and Opera Mini coming pre-installed, it looks like Nokia has started an interesting test balloon in the sub 200 euro category (Amazon Germany has it for 179 euros, taxes and shipping included!). I'd really like to try the VoIP implementation. I wonder if it is as good as that of the N95? Or maybe even better?

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  1. Hello,
    It’s definitely SIP that’s being used here, even though I haven’t had any at hand at the moment. Interesting things regarding implementation can be found since March 08 on Nokia website :
    and further reading

    On the functional side, seems quite similar to S60 VoIP client, though provisioning support (through OMA CP or a dedicated plugin) is not clearly mentioned. Which should be key for VoIP operators, since manual SIP/VoIP provisioning is horrendous on S60.
    Regarding performances, almost the same device (6301) runs quite well a UMA stack, so hopefully SIP/VoIP will also be fine there. We’ll need to wait first happy testers’reports though !

  2. Hi Youpi,

    thanks for the interesting links. I also found the corresponding document for the S60 VoIP client. Lead to some interesting experiments this evening.

    All the best,

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