Remotely Connecting To Your Home Services

For those of you who have been following my blog entries on femtos, home services and DLNA in the past couple of days, here's a link to a previous blog entry on Ericsson's ideas on how one could connect back to home services while not being at home.

I wished that the currently defined set of home services could be extended to other things such as a centralized calendar, notes, address book, etc. as I am one of the few people who would like to have this data stored at home rather than in the cloud. But I guess the current DLNA initiative is more about multimedia content than personal information.

One thought on “Remotely Connecting To Your Home Services”

  1. Even if it is not really implemented right now on networks, isn’t Mobile IP the feature you’re looking for ?

    Are you going to IP Convergence ? As I can see you’re on your way to Paris !


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