The Book Cover is Ready

Good news from the book writing project! After I delivered the manuscript to the publisher back in September, it has now been typeset, i.e. put in form and shape as it will appear in the finished book. Also, the front and back cover are ready now and the picture on the left shows how the front cover will look like. I have to say that I am very happy with it, in my opinion the colors and the images have been very well selected and integrated.

Only little work remains to be done now and then it will finally go to the print shop.

Here's the text from the back cover:

"Beyond 3G: Bringing Networks, Terminals and the Web Together"

Giving a sound technical introduction to 3GPP LTE and SAE, this book explains the decisions taken during standardization while also examining the likely competition for LTE such as HSPA+ and WiMAX. As well as looking at next generation network technologies, Beyond 3G – Bringing Networks, Terminals and the Web Together describes the latest mobile device developments, voice and multimedia services and the mobile web 2.0. It considers not only how the systems, devices and software work but also the reasons behind why they are designed in this particular way. How these elements strongly influence each other is discussed as well as how network capabilities, available bandwidth, mobile device capabilities and new application concepts will shape the way we communicate in the future.

  • Examines current and next-generation network technologies such as UMTS, HSPA+, WiMAX, LTE and Wifi
  • Analyses and explains performance and capacity in practice as well as future capacity requirements and how they can be fulfilled.
  • Introduces the reader to the current cellular telephony architecture and to voice over IP architectures such as SIP, IMS and TISPAN
  • Looks at mobile device hardware and mobile operating system evolution
  • Encompasses all major global wireless standards for application development and the latest state of the mobile web 2.0

If you would like to be informed when the book becomes available and haven't already done so, please send your e-mail address to gsmumts at and I'll be happy to keep you up to date.

You can now also pre-order it at Amazon if you live in the U.S., UK, or Germany.

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