Please don’t use your Typekey ID for Comments

Every now and then I get an interesting comment for which a typekey id was used as a commenter id instead of an e-mail address. While that is perfectly all right in theory it unfortunately doesn't allow me in practice to reply to you by e-mail in addition to leaving a comment of my own below the poast. That's a bit unfortunate as most people probably won't check back on the blog to see if I have left a response. Therefore, dear readers, please put an e-mail address in the id section of the post if you would like to receive a response in case I have any 🙂 The e-mail address is only shown to me so there is no need to worry about spam. Thanks!

One thought on “Please don’t use your Typekey ID for Comments”

  1. Hi Martin,

    I suspect some aspect of your spam protection made me sign in last time. I got a generic “can’t do it” message when I tried to submit, but it worked first time after logging in.

    Probably something to do with the excessive length of my comment 🙂


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