The 2.1 GHz situation in Vienna

Back in April I ran some tests in London to see how many 3G frequencies were used by the carriers there to get a feeling of how much capacity is offered today. To my great surprise, only one of the network operators had deployed more than one 5 MHz carrier frequency. Recently, I was in Vienna and since the country has many affordable 3G Internet offers that lots of people already use, I was wondering if the situation was different.

It turned out that the situation was pretty similar. Except for T-Mobile, who had two 3G carriers deployed in the center of Vienna, all other operators only used one carrier frequency. Network throughput during the day and in the evening in the A1 network were always good (above 1.5 MBit/s) so the current low capacity build-out from an available carrier perspective can handle the traffic well. To me, that sounds like good news!