The Battery is Part of the Mobile Experience

Extended battery This might seem obvious to most but I just realized these days how important the battery is for the mobile experience. I recently bought a netbook (see here and here) and while most experiences are positive, a battery lifetime of only 2 hours just doesn't do for me in many cases especially when I am traveling. Even if it is enough, connecting the netbook back to the mains all the time for recharging is also a hassle. So I bought an extension battery pack which gives me 6 hours of autonomy in addition to the 2 hours of the standard battery. An incomparable experience! Now even while traveling for a whole day, sitting in the train, waiting at the airport and on the plane, I don't have to worry about the netbook running out of power. Very nice!

3 thoughts on “The Battery is Part of the Mobile Experience”

  1. I think the battery is super important.
    I have been wondering why there was no any maker used solar energy, on the mobile body shell. – I suppose that is too expensive?
    But lately Sharp had one in Japan market. I hope more makers will think about this.

  2. Hi Xiaowei,

    Yes, I think price is definitely a factor. Further, I think even small netbooks use much too much power for solar cells on the device to be able to recharge the netbook in a reasonable amount of time.

    Kind regards,

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